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What are the benefits of a SSAS?

Safety Net

As an SME business owner, we know you like to take risks; but do you really want to risk your family’s future? Don’t rely on your business alone to provide the funds you need to retire; start thinking ahead and put a SSAS in place so you can have peace of mind. A SSAS is a trust, so any assets in a SSAS are protected from creditors should your business encounter difficulties in the future.

Dream Retirement

Due to the investment opportunities available within a SSAS such as loans, equities, gilts, shares, managed funds and structured products, you can increase the number of ways to gain compound interest on your savings, resulting in a bigger fund for the retirement you’ve worked so hard for.

Fund Business Growth

By providing more investment opportunities and accessible funds for your SME business, you have more support in helping it grow; setting up a SSAS pension even has the potential to prevent a company from collapse by providing working capital

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