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What are the features of a SSAS?

Unique and Flexible

Unlike other pension schemes, a SSAS allows you to have access to your funds while you’re saving them through loans to your business and asset transfers. As it doesn’t require a professional trustee, a SSAS puts you in full control of your pension, and we can design a bespoke scheme to suit you.

Reduce Tax

The structure of a SSAS means that it is extremely tax efficient. With a SSAS you can reduce Corporation and Income Tax and your investments in a SSAS are able to grow in a tax free environment.

Improve Cash Flow

The flexibility of a SSAS means that you can not only save for your future, but make a difference in the present too. A SSAS allows you to take part in Commercial Property Transactions,and you can even borrow money should your business need it.

Reduce Pension Administration fees

As a SSAS is a collective scheme, your fees are lower than with other arrangements

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