SSAS pensions

The only solution for business owners who want control of their future!


If you want to grow your pension, your business, and secure your family’s future, then a SSAS is the solution for you…..

  • Contributions of up to £500k can be made and tax relief claimed in that year

  • If you are loss making in the current year, you could achieve a tax rebate through carried back contributions

  • Transfer all your pensions into your SSAS, no hassle, total fund available to invest

  • Invest in your usual funds, no asset managers from companies you don’t know and trust

  • Your SSAS can purchase commercial property or land

  • Your SSAS can then receive rent tax free from your business, whilst saving Corporation Tax

  • Your SSAS can borrow up to 50% of its asset value to purchase property or land

  • Putting your commercial property into your SSAS protects it should you become insolvent

  • Loan back up to 50% of the value of your SSAS back to your business

  • SSAS facilitates no IHT on transfer of SSAS benefits to other family members on your death

  • You can draw down the total fund or any flexible amount you wish from your SSAS at age 55

  • A SSAS is the most tax efficient option for business owners compared to any other pension

*Certain conditions apply.

Despite the majority of business owners being recommended a SIPP, a SSAS is actually the best pension scheme available to small businesses in the UK.

A SSAS, or ‘Small Self-Administered Scheme’, is a registered pension scheme designed specifically for small businesses. A SSAS can help you make the most of your investments whilst growing your business at the same time.

There are so many benefits for your business when you choose a SSAS, because of its flexibility it can improve cash flow by providing a loan back to your business, it can reduce your Corporation Tax bill, any contribution made from the business to the SSAS will be a tax-deductible allowable expense.

If your business needs funding, the SSAS can help. If you hit financial difficulty, the SSAS can help. If you need a tool to help with corporation tax, inheritance tax, personal tax and succession planning, the SSAS can help.

A SSAS is the best way to maximise the size of your pension funds, help grow your business, and provide you and your family with the retirement you’ve always hoped for, which is why you set up in business in the first place!

We know that every business is different, and that’s why we listen to you first, then set up and manage your SSAS from day 1, throughout the duration of your SSAS, offering guidance and expertise all the way. A free annual review means we can maximise the benefits of your SSSAS on an ongoing basis, ensuring you have all the current information to enable you to grow your pension and your business.

With SSASCo. you’re never alone when it comes to your business pension – we’re just a phone call away.

We set up your SSAS pension to make the most of its benefits right from the start, discussing your options with you and guiding you through the paperwork makes the application process painless, quick and easy.

We don’t need to have a face-to-face meeting, (unless you want to!) so the whole process can be done over the phone and online, making it super-efficient in terms of your time.

Our clients are valuable partners to us, so we offer you comprehensive business guidance and expert knowledge throughout the duration of your scheme, and our helpful humans are on hand whenever you need them, (no anonymous phone options here) to help you make the most of those unique SSAS features. Any queries you may have are quickly answered by our friendly team.

With SSASCo. you’re never alone when it comes to your business pension.